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Kwang-Hua Forum
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       Since 2008, four Kwang-Hua Forums have been held at Tongji University successfully. The themes of the forums are cautiously selected and closely related to the earthquake engineering society. In May 2008, an 8-magnitude Wenchuan earthquake hit southwestern China and the post-quake reconstruction was the concern of the nation. The First Kwang-Hua Forum in October 2008 was thus focused on Wenchuan Earthquake and Post-quake Reconstruction. With the increasing research and application of performance-based earthquake engineering, the theme of the Second Kwang-hua Forum in October 2009 was Performance-based Design Theory and Code Development for Civil and Structural Engineering. In October 2010, the Third Kwang-hua Forum was held with the focus on Sustainable Civil Engineering. In 2011, a multi-functional 4-table shaking table array with a total payload of 2000 kN was put into operation at Tongji University for the worldwide earthquake engineering research. The Fourth Kwang-Hua Forum and Opening Symposium of Tongji Multi-functional Shaking Table Array were held in December 2011. The 4th conference information can be located here. Following those four successful forums, the Fifth Kwang-Hua Forum on Innovations and Implementations in Earthquake Engineering Research was hosted by Tongji University on December 8-10, 2012. The announcements and group photo of the 5th forum can be downloaded here (1st Announcement, 2nd Announcement, Group photo). The  final program and presentations of the 5th form can be found here

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