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Invited lecture series: Advanced Experimental Techniques in Structural Engineering (2020376E)
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Girma Bitsuamlak, PhD, PEng

Canada Research Chair in Wind Engineering 

Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Associate Director, WindEEE Research Institute

University of Western Ontario

Host faculty

Drs. Wensheng Lu, Kaoshan Dai, and Jiangtao Yu

Institute of Structural Engineering & Disaster Reduction, College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University


Lecture content

Ch 1. Boundary layer theory

Ch 2. Bluff body aerodynamics

Ch 3. Experimental evaluation of wind loads

Ch 4. Boundary layer wind tunnel testing-

4.1. Evolution of boundary layer wind tunnel testing for civil infrastructure

4.2. Wind field measurements

4.3. Wind loading testing

(1) High frequency pressure integration testing (HFPI)

(2) High frequency force balance testing (HFFB)

(3) Aeroelastic testing or flexible structures

(4) Case studies

Ch 5. Emerging large-scale wind testing methodologies

Ch 6. Mini Projects








June 3: 13:30-17:00

Public seminar (afternoon) + Discussion (afternoon)

Civil Eng. B504

June 5: 13:30-20:10

Lecture (afternoon) + Discussion (evening)

Experimental Center

June 6: 13:30-20:10

Lecture (afternoon) + Discussion (evening)

Experimental Center

June 7: 10:00-11:40

Lab visit (morning)

Wind Tunnel Lab

June 8: 13:30-20:10

Lecture (afternoon) + Discussion (evening)

Experimental Center

June 9: 13:30-20:10

Lecture (afternoon) + Discussion (evening)

Experimental Center

June 14: 10:00-11:40

Lecture (morning)

Experimental Center




About the instructor

With a background in building and wind engineering, Dr. Bitsuamlak’s research interest and experience include experimental and computational wind engineering, and science of buildings. He has been educated in Addis Ababa, IIT Roorkee, and Concordia Universities. Recently, Dr. Bitsuamlak has been named Canada Research Chair in wind engineering and serves as an associate director of the WindEEE Research Institute. Prior to joining Western, he has worked as an assistant professor at Florida International University in Miami and as senior Wind Engineer with RWDI Inc (a world leading wind consulting firm) in Guelph ON. While at FIU, Dr. Bitsuamlak won a prestigious NSF-CAREER award for a project on multi-scale computational wind load evaluation on buildings in 2009 and co-developed a hurricane testing facility “Wall of Wind”. While at RWDI he has executed experimental aeroelastic analysis of supper-tall buildings such as Freedom Tower in New York and Burj Khalifa in Dubai in a boundary layer wind tunnel.

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